Saturday, February 28, 2009


The GOP should consider Pawlenty. 


OK so Obama is saying we'll drawdown in 2010 and leave in 2011 but the truth is neither is exactly the case. Thats good politics. His salesmanship on the surface will satisfy many who will hear the word DRAWDOWN and EXIt, while his pragmatism in listening to the military on troop numbers and timeline guides him to do not what he campaigned on, but what is needed. Nancy Pelosi , be quiet. You too Harry Reid, go take a ride on the LA to Vegas train will ya? And those on the right who call Obama a hypocrite for not exiting completely as he said he would are always looking to complain about something anyway. Doublespeak can be effective if its done right. This is politics, not the Cub scouts.


Word is on the street that Mitt Romney is now the front runner for the GOP in 2012. Why? Good question. Romney lasted a few rounds longer than glass jaw Rudy did in a primary that should have been alot harder for John McCain than it was. Romney is a retread. Tim Pawlenty seems alot clearer and classier in his agreements and disagreements with Obamas direction than anyone in the party. Especially after the GOP may have destryoed  their ace in the hole Bobby Jindal, with a 1953 Andy Griffith "gee paw" script last Tuesday. Please , no Romney. Be patient with the next move GOP. 

Friday, February 27, 2009

I Miss Bush

One of my favorite picts

Republicans = Taxes

We spoke on today's show about the need for the republican party to start accepting the fact that we are going to have to raise taxes in the future - for all citizens.  The democrats need to start accepting the fact that in the long run we can't spend our way to solvency as a country.  This article in the national journal goes further in depth about how we have reached a threshold with our debt and spending that we need higher taxes and less spending to make it work.  I smell the opening for a third party to emerge... maybe we should bring back tammany hall.


This is one of the best documentaries i have ever seen.  Reuters says that IOUSA does for the national debt what An Inconvenient Truth did for environmental awareness.  Maybe Dave Walker and Peter G. Peterson will win the noble prize.  The doc goes into detail about how much debt our country is really in.  They are going to have to add another digit to the front of the debt clock in the near future.  Check out their websites:

Canada... We kid because we love

great article describing the Canadian health care system, which is solvent and not completely socialized medicine.  in other words we should be following in the footsteps of our northern neighbors.  whats that you say?  where will we get the money? higher taxes of course, not just for the rich, for everyone... get used to it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Upper income families are about to get blasted. For Medicare, taxes, and well, for being rich bastards. Obama rolled out his 1.75 Trillion dollar 2009 plan today. Defense spending will be curtailed as a way to lower the deficit. This makes many who see Iraq as wasteful spending,, very happy. Others who are committed to Iraqs infrastructure being on solid ground by the time we are gone are worried. Hotbeds of terrorism breed on unfertile soils. Check Somalia. Obama is also sopping oil and gas companies loopholes overseas while investing in new energy technologies. Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. Read the 140 page plan thats going to Congress if you want full details. Here's the scoop. We're in deep. Start thinking of a plan B if your plan A aint so solid. Obamas a political rock star but this plan is hitting the wall at full speed and nobody knows how its gonna end up. Personally I'd like some reassurance from Teasury Sec Tim Geitner about the whole thing but I believe he's still not talking, taking a page out of Kramers playbook on Seinfeld. Kramer once decided to end the notion of talking, since 90 percent of communication is non verbal anyway. Well, I'm in a cafe with my head between my ass, perhaps trying to kiss it goodbye. But don't read into that too far. Its all interpretive.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (pictured above) could not contain her unbridled enthusiasm last night as Barack Obama gave  Let's... DO iiit!! John Belushi in Animal House rally speech to the nation. Obama was not even halfway through a sentence at times before Pelosi rose from her seat to start the Obama cheer letter by letter. "O-B-A-M-A..what does that spell? Joe ..c'mon help me out here, what does that spell?" she was overheard asking Joe Biden, who seemed to be texting his friends underneath the table, too preoccupied in this modern marvel in communication technology . Pelosi never came close to appearing this happy when George Jr was behind the podium. Barack the Rock is gonna need her continued support should his modest plans for saving the Banks, Fixing Health insurance, ending Foreclosures, Saving the Unemployment Boom, Fixing Social Security and Medicare and Ending Wasteful Federal Spending, fall short.


OK OK, I'll admit it. i had Bobby Jindal pegged as the next GOP star. I've been claiming this one for over 6 months now. Addition by subtraction in some way but hey, Rhodes Scholar at 28, solid public responses to the Katrina crisis. Last night though? His coming out party? Seemd more like a farewell party. Who wrote that speech, Krusty the Clown or Howdy Doody? It sounded like an episode of Leave it To Beaver, the campiest sounding delivery possible.  Talking down to us as if we were not the 3rd grade reading level that the NY Post feeds upon, but acually a country of 3rd graders. This is the best the GOP has, both in speech writers and front men. Whoa. Let's not even get into the Single White Female attire. Jindal was Obama's stunt double minus the solid tie. Sarah Palin is somewhere in Alaska licking her chops and cooking up a Bear Stew. She's baaaack! Trust me.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In his speech to the nation, an excerpt has leaked out prior to President Obamas address. Apparently sometime during this rallying cry he'll warn us that " now's the time to act boldly and wisely." I will immediately heed this advice and attempt to wisley cut back on dinner plans, opening a can of Chef Boyardee instead. Acting boldly, I will try to spruce it up with whatever veggies haven't turned a funny color in the fridge. It starts with us. Only WE , the people can turn this thing around. Gone are the days of frivolous and painfully moronic behavior. This is serious folks.

Kim Jong Ill, SON!

Here we go again,  now North Korea is going to launch a satellite..... lets knock it down and make them start over.

Monday, February 23, 2009


The Prez is "Benefitting from high levels of confidence among Americans about his leadership" according to the latest NY Times/CBS news poll. The poll could be unfair though. The Times may have taken this poll among only their own readers, leaving out people like me,whose 3rd grade level reading skills lead us to the NY Post every morning instead.

Mac and Jindal: Passing The Torch

John McCain wants to know why Presidential helicopters cost as much as Air Force one. Good point. If Obama keeps running over to the terrorist hotbed and volatile country of Canada, this situation may only worsen. However, a better point though may be ..why is Mac now reasserting himself as the strong bold fearless leader people wanted him to be last fall? He was too busy drawing up new campaign slogans every week "My friends, the economy is strong." Or how bout "my friends, vote for chnage, but real change." I loved this one, His Foreign policy strategy to not leave Iraq until achieving "peace with honor." seemed a bit dated. That's because he stole it from Nixons 1968 pledge. Boy that pledge worked out huh? When did we exit Hanoi, 1974? Sheesh.
Mac I love ya but knock it off ok?

Bobby Jindal's coming out party is upon us. The GOP have tapped the rising star as the one who will give a speech in repsonse to Obama stim plan. The Governor of Louisiana is not accepting money from the package and will explain why. Ari Fleischer said tonght on CNN that part of the reason is that federal plans will have to be taken over by State funding in a few years and so what seems like a bailout will soon become State's responsibilities. Fair enough. Of course New Orleans is a threat to National security every time relief and resources need to be sent there. Jindal should at least take some safety flow for disaster prevention. Unless of course he is counting on FEMA to step in and lend a hand. They did such a spectacular job last time. 
Mac and Jindal. I sense a passing of the torch in the GOP. 

Soros and Volcker say we could be headed for a depression: SMOKE'EM IF YOU GOT 'EM

I am going to see Paul Volcker, the ex-head of the Federal Reserve, speak on March 6 at NYU.  Should be rich!

Oh no she didn't

Senator Dianne Fienstein really screwed up when she told the press that predator drones were flying from inside Pakistan.  1) if they knew about the the drones, the Pakistani gov't could lose the favor of the people 2) if they didnt know about it they are incompetent.... not very good options. Doesn't she know that Google Earth exists?

When The Curmudgeon is Right, He's Right

The future of Israel... check out the gaza post


Zawahri issues a message to Hamas.... and we thought Yasser Arafat was impossible to deal with!

Is Iran's New Satellite A Problem?

Uzi Rubin, the ex-head of Israel's missile defense organization, came out on saturday in the Wall Street Journal to say that we should be worried that Iran has a satellite in orbit due to the fact that it could be used in launching ballistic missiles.  U.S. officials have written the satellite off as only "a little metal ball that goes beep, beep, beep".  The Israelis generally over react to Iran, but if the satellite ever becomes a problem we can just do what China did to us in 2001.
The Chinese military sent a plane to collide with a US spy plane that was flying in Chinese airspace.  The genius decision of collision did not violate international treaties, and it was not a act of war because no shots were fired.  When the US spy plane landed the Chinese interrogated the crew and then took the plane apart so they could reengineer our technology.  After the Chinese derived all the possible classified intelligence from the US planes hard drives they packed the pieces into a China Shipping container and sent it back to Los Angeles along with the crew.  The US has enough junk in orbit to collide with the Iranian satellite and set them back hundreds of millions of dollars, and if they keep launching them we can keep knocking them down.

Go and see where your money is going when the stimulus package gets released.  Money starts flowing March 3.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Arnold Shwarzenagger said the GOP is out of touch with people ." If the nation is screaming out loud we want universal health care, we want everyone to have access, thats what they want that's what you do." He also went on to say that California Republicans are also out of touch with most Californians who wanted to raise taxes to fix the state's budget crisis. "It maybe is against your philosophy, you still have to go, because that's what the people want you do." He's right. What a shame for the GOP that Ah-nold can't run for higher office. He has the charisma, flexibility and ability to lead and inspire. Key elements that the boring GOP, Sarah Barracuda aside, are severely lacking. I wonder though, if let's say he WAS, able to run in 2012 somehow, whether he'd be brought up on performance enhancing drugs charges dating back to the 1970's. Ya know, steroids? Just a thought.


No city is safe from the worst economic downturn this country has seen since the depression. Even the "Pawn Shop To The Stars" a famous spot in town has been hit hard, its owners admitted to the media today. Closed storefronts are popping up like every other city in America. Are the days off the spin off show 90210 numbered too? What about the old Peach Pit? This can't be happening!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Richard Holbrooke told Wolf Blitzer today that the 17,000 additional troops heading for Afghanistan are an essential part of the plan to turn the tide over there. Holbrooke then went on to say that in a perfect world, a complete policy review would precede a troop increase but in this case, the need to act swiftly in order to keep the Mountainous regions by Pakistan from deteriorating is imminent. Gulp. OK, I'm no Military analyst, but sending a slew of shit kicking fighters over there before a coherent long term plan is like going into the bar and punching the crap out of strangers on your way to figuring out who it was that punched you in the first place. Now you have a plethora of new enemies to fight along with actual one that started the whole thing! No..hold on.. wait..I'm getting my wars confused. That was not the Afghan analogy.  That was the Iraq analogy I made on Sept 12 , 2001. Afghanistan was what again? We were trying to find Osama there weren't we? The Taliban were there then we pummeled em now they're back and Al Qaeda's with em barbequeing and playing volleyball in the South on nice days. Never mind, lets forget the whole thing. I need a new scorecoard for this War on Terror anyway. And a disco nap. I'm shot. Long night last night. Wake me up when Tehran celebrates their first Nuclear test site. Or when they find those WMD that Saddam hid from us finally.

65.00 YES! WE''RE RICH!

Look I don't wanna sound ungrateful. And if its true that Obama is sending monthly 65.00 checks in the mail as part of the stimulus, hey I won't turn it down. Let's take a look though, at what 65.00 gets you  in Downtown NYC. Hmmm, I could buy the left arm off of a 1980 Ramones T Shirt on sale at some vintage store and turn it into a headband. I could pay off a parking ticket in full. I could buy a weeks worth of Pinche Burritos no guacamole and have a few bucks left over to get some chips and salsa. I could get 1 glass of the best vodka at nightspot the Box, and probably a beer or two to go along with it. I could save it all for the year and by an 800 dollar suit that won't fit when my ass gets bigger next Winter like it does every Winter. Look, I'll take the money if its headed my way. I'm not sure it's changing my crisis of confidence level on the state of things though. Not that I have a better plan. I don't . I'm like the GOP. I complain and offer no alternatives. It's kinda fun actually. Try it.

Madoff vs. Stanford

it is going to be interesting to see who is going to be on the client list of texas billionaire allen stanford.  the fbi finally tracked "sir" stanford down this week in virgina, and celebs like yankees outfielders xavier nady and johnny damon have already come out and said that they have been bamboozled by stanford.  it seems that most of the fraud in the stanford ponzi scheme took place in central and south america since his bank was located on antigua.  even though stanford is accused of defrauding investors of close to 9 billion dollars he still has a long way to go to catch bernie madoff.  (Madoff Victim Map | List of Madoff Clients) 
to top it all off, it was reported yesterday that madoff didnt even buy as much as ONE security.  does that mean that he can't be charged with securities fraud if he didn't actually buy securities? (Madoff Never Made Supposed Investments - - tuxxy

Obama's Entourage

this is the fire power that obama is rolling with in his entourage.  would be attackers should def think twice about rolling up.  if you are prone to road rage in traffic jams, this is for you.  cabbies beware - tuxxy

Friday, February 20, 2009


Attorney General Eric Holder called America "A Nation of Cowards" as far as race matters go. The Associated Press reports Holder mentioned that  "the workplace is largely intergrated but Americans still self segregate on the weekends and in their private lives. " He's right. His timing though is wrong. ? This is a hot topic issue, that can and will go in an endless circle hitting the President each time it loops around. 

Many like me will argue that yes, Holders perception is accurate. Others however will point to Obama being president, Richard Steele heading the GOP, Holder himself and UN ambassador Susan Rice as examples of how far we've come as a nation; that eliminating racism altogether is a concept we are truly working on actively.Either way you choose, this is not the time for this issue.  The Presidents failed cabinet appointees who couldn't find an H&R Block, coupled with the controversial Stim Pack that didn't exactly win the country or the GOP over, make Holders decision to raise the temperature with a cold hard look at Racism, questionable at best. 

 Holders overall point was fair . His timing was not. He should let the 800 billion dollars that flew out of DC Windows slow the unemployment rate and foreclosures down first. Having a job on Monday and a bedroom to come home to on Monday night will make hard painful truths and challenges like Racism easier to confront honestly.-TJ

The Inheritance - David E. Sanger

anybody interested in what obama inherited from bush on the foreign policy side should def check this book out.  sanger writes for the ny times and was working in korea, afghanistan, and iraq during the bush presidency.  he discusses missed opportunities, over commitments, and possible solutions... although the outlook is bleak.