Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Friday, September 11, 2009


Derek Jeter: class and dignity. Congrats to the captain who tonight became the all time NY Yankees hit leader surpassing the legendary Lou Gehrig. Above is the now iconic photo of Jeter's gritty catch against hated rivals Boston in 2004. The play has come to symbolize a player whose intangibles can only be truly appreciated by those privileged enough to watch him day in and day out.



Jeremy Glick, the epitomy of an American Hero

" It was a tragic fate, but when I heard he was on Flight 93, my first thought, aside from the shock , was that he was absolutely the perfect person to be in that situation for the country." said Jon Dirienzo a close college friend to Jeremy Glick at the university of Rochester. Glick died a hero as a leader of passengers aboard the tragic Flight 93. 

Flight 93 took off from Newark airport  that fateful September 11th morning, and was taken over by hijackers 40 minutes into the flight and diverted towards Washington DC. Passengers and crew members made calls about the flight and learned about the attack on the Twin Towers. Passengers then, led by Glick, decided to mount their own attack.

"We're going to rush the terrorists," was apparently the last words Glick ushered to his wife by phone before derailing the plans of what was supposed to be another plane headed for symbolic destruction. Of the four flights that day, only flight 93 was the only one that failed to reach it's destination (the other three hitting both towers and the Pentagon).

"Jeremy was complex. There was a stunning sensitive side to him. He could be a big strong scary guy and a gentle giant. He also had an aura about him. People took notice when he was around; a shining star with a bigger purpose. Jeremy was a National Judo champ, extremely adept at using his hands. My image of Jeremy in that situation, his complexities, his fear because of his months old daughter, his aggressive side putting his whole skill set to use..without Jeremy things would not have turned that way for the country."

The terrorist's intended destination for Flight 93 has never been factually established but many felt that it had to be on it's way towards the White House, given that New York city landmark Twin Towers had been hit. Wild conspiracy theories always add to the intrigue of tragedies. A popular one regarding Flight 93  is that the flight was shot down by the Bush administration.

"I'm sure he knew he was gonna die and they (passengers on Flight 93) quickly knew what their purpose was. I bet that in his eyes his number one goal was to break their necks...get his hands around someone."

As we reflect on 9-11 on the eight anniversary of perhaps the darkest day in American history, it's too east to politicize the story through some partisan lense for political gain. As someone who woke up the sounds of the first plane hitting the North tower at 8:45 am, this 9-11 has been about reflecting upon the unfortunate victims of a political game bigger than them, as well as those like Gloick,who gave of themselves for others.

"To be thrown into that position, to know that there is a bigger picture, to step up and rise to that moment, is the pinnacle of heroism. Jeremy was destined for that moment."

above: Jeremy Glick center, with college friends . 


On Shock and Awesome today, Yetta Kurland, running for NY City Council in the "Hellsea district" gave her thoughts on term limits, Prop 8 and a host of other issues that form the basis of a platform that will be put to test against incumbent Christy Quinn on voting day Sept 15.

The duo took a look back at the tragedies of 9-11 with personal accounts as well as a running account from 1010 WINS that TJ taped as he walked to the street before witnessesing the second plane hit the Towers.

In addition to the 9-11 tape, TJ and the TUX (above) celebrated the release of the Beatles remasters in conjunction with the release of Beatles Rock Band ,by playing selections of old Mono recordings. Obama found the swagger that swept a nation last year but will his speech on Health care change the outcome? Republican house member Joe Wilson's now famous "You Lie!" was a window into the anger that breathes under the surface of the leaderless GOP. It was also a dramatic highlight that symbolized the contentious culture that exists in Washington as we exit the Summer and move head on into the Fall. Ex Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele strolled by to talk 9-11 and his thoughts on Obama.

It's fashion week people get your suits pressed and your dresses ready. It's time to walk the cat walk with confidence, attitude, and of course, with class and style. Wanna get into the private parties. Do what Shock and Awesome does. Dress over the top, stroll up the velvet rope and fake it . Look like you've been there before.


Yetta Kurland (above), running NY City council joins the dynamic duo at 11 am in the booth to discuss her run for a seat this year. Barack Obama mirrored Fleet week with Speech week, ending up in DC at in front of the joint Congress to talk about health care. Republican Joe Wilson shouted the now famous "you lie!"in the middle of it, while TJ and the TUX enjoyed the drama. Acorn is hooking up pimps and whores with tax forms and hey, it's 9-11. Let's back and honor the fallen but also ask ourselves, where the hell are we with all of this? 


Republicans today are accusing the President of giving a partisan speech Wednesday night. What's up with the thin skin fellas? You mean the "socialist" and the 'Hitler" and the "death panel comments" weren't worth responding to? C'mon guys toughen up. Surely "you are either with us or against us" wasn't a partisan ploy to pressure those opposed to the Iraq war in 2002 right? Instead of crying about Obama's response about "bogus claims" how about giving real alternative ideas  It's not the difference of  your opinions that makes your complaints a political motive, it's the harsh tactics of making Obama out to be  the next Marxist that's causing the problem. Stick to the issues and how to improve them. Now that's an idea.

Acorn gave advice to a pair filming a conservative documentary, who were posing as a pimp and a prostitute. Noting that the pimp should write "performing artist" on tax forms. Damn, that's awful. And brilliant at the same time. In fact, thanks for the free advice ACORN, that's what we're gonna do next tax season. Should of thought of that this year, damn.

On this anniversary of 9-11, let me quote a good friend who posted on Facebook that this morning he "is remembering 9/11. Countrys still at war, no real construction, no Osama, soldiers still dying, fireman still sick...we could have done better as a country." Much will be publicized and politicized as to the heroic efforts of so many on that day and days since. My friend brings up a great point though. Reflection on 9-11 can't stop at the tragedy alone. It's not enough.Today let's look back and honor the fallen, but let's also take stock of where we are and where we are going with all of this. Let's get a complete use out of the emotions of this day.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I couldn't help but wonder out loud today what Republican Joe Wilson's "You Lie" slip REALLY meant last night. The South Carolina delegate shouted this after Obama claimed that illegal immigrants would not be covered by a public option should one be available in a new health care plan.

It reminded me of my own steaming anger I've had at times at those I've worked with on various projects in Downtown circles since moving to NYC before Whole Foods and Starbucks made it look like Bergen County. Anger and frustration build up under the surface to a point where a tipping point moment happens and without the ability to control emotions, an improper statement is made. Improper in it's timing, yet somehow revealing in it's emotion. The problem with Wilson's apology is that he's been TOO apologetic this morning, and like Obama, has lacked sufficient detail as to what the true basis of his and the GOP's disdain for Obama and his governing style is. 

Wilson was perhaps unintentionally bold in shouting over the President. He's intentionally been a coward since. He sat there like many politicans last night, expecting Obama to risk even more political capital by further detailing a plan that still needs work from the House and Senate. Wilson stood up and got into the fray. NOW Wilson is afraid to take on the risk of his own political capital and make a full and complete case for the GOP as to what about the core of Obama's presidency bothers them. It's too bad. Maybe the GOP missed an accidental moment at finding a face and a voice for some reasonable opposition.

We all saw House members waving their health care plans in response to Obama's suggestion that if the opposition has ideas, show them to him. This falls under the same category in one respect. People need to stop waving papers and shouting out from the balcony and start laying out problems and solutions on the table. In full view. For all of us to see.

I won't rush to judgement on Wilson's "moment." We've all had them: Bottled up and ready to burst,  little issues build to a boiling point where no matter the venue or event, an uncontrollable and unavoidable outburst takes place. I will ask Wilson and those waving papers to help us see what is happening behind closed doors by explaining where the TRUE anger stems from. It can't be from the health care issue alone. 

Maybe it's more than  just Obama's viewpoint regarding policy. Maybe Washington vets are still seething at how the new kid took the country by storm. Maybe the anger and the dropping poll numbers the President has been receiving this Summer have now taken on a life of their own. Whatever the case may be, Wilson , by apologizing without offering what led him to perhaps become THE window into the mindset of  the entire GOP, has seemingly slipped away. An opportunity lost, with the same congenial, middle of the road behavior that naysayers come down on Obama for.

above: Joe Wilson going apeshit last night during the President's address to a Joint Congress

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Republican Joe Wilson of South Carolina shouted "YOU LIE!" while Obama stated that illegal immigrants will not be covered by a public option. Senator John McCAin called this uncalled for and said that Wilson should apologize, during a post speech interview on Larry King live


"I still believe we can act even when it's hard. I still believe." Those were the closing statements
from a President who has regained the confident footing required to present clear public  messages. My favorite moment was his comment aimed towards the "No" strategy folks in the media and in Washington. "If you make up lies we will call you out." 

What were the details? Well..there weren't too many. Broad brush strokes were instead the approach.The major controversy, the public option, was worded as only an element that keeps insurers honest while providing the uninsured with an option for care. Not a plan to run companies out of business. The notion of malpractice reform, a major Republican point of contention, was highlighted by Obama, as was John McCain's campaign desire for catastrophe coverage that won't leave people broke should a disaster occur. 

Obama channeled Ted Kennedy whose major battle was Health care by saying his dream was not a partisan attempt at big government but a heartfelt desire to give everyone a chance. THAT was an essential American quality, not a Democratic or Republican one. This in the attempt to unite the room. The room did not leave united but it's hard to deny that Obama's swagger is back. Questions were still left unanswered and much still has to be done. If the tone was set to allow both sides to work together, something will get done by Christmas. If not, the buck will be passed, an opportunity will be lost, and the ones who will lose the most will be the people. 

CNN analyst David Gergen remarked that had Obama given this speech three months ago while he still held that magical glow, he could've swept the country. We'll soon find out if this speech wasn't too little too late.


We know its minutes away but here's the speech text anyway. Strong yet with the desire for everyone to still work together. Love the notion of calling out the bullshit artists and stiff armers who think saying "no" to everything has any sort of politcal gain to it in 201o and 2012.


It's countdown to the showdown. Will Obama get tough in his tone, keep the public option on the table, and tell the naysayers to shut up and sit down? Tonight's national address before a joint Congress could be as dramatic a political theater as there can be, without talk of some impending war, or domestic catastrophe such as a Hurricane Katrina.

Health care? This is bigger than health care. This is a microcosm. A window into the mind of a politician who up until a few months ago, could do no wrong. Now, after a Summer of Beer diplomacy between the Cop and Professor Gates,  a National Health care message that has been stripped away by and stolen by the stiff arming strategy of the leaderless GOP, the time is ripe for a stand. The President needs to regain that swagger. That believability. That confidence that inspired a nation after the 2008 Democratic convention speech between the Roman Pillars in Denver.

Alot has been made of the importance of this night. That's fair. It's not hype. The pressure for Obama is real. His bipartisan approach has been met with nasty mobs at Town Hall meetings, Tea parties, and right wing Pundits like Glenn Beck who have called Obama "racist." 

How will the president will rise above the fray? Will he use the pulpit to get everyone united, and on the same page? Will he be firm and let the country know that bills will pass regardless of the displeasure from naysayers in both parties? Maybe he'll somehow allow himself the wiggle room to achieve both. Either way, tonight's the night for the President to Shit or Get off the Pot. Issues that will arise from here on out during his Presidency will be harder not easier to corral, unless he shows the ability to lead. In this case lead a Health care bill to the finish line.

Above: A nutjob drops a deuce on the front porch.


First off, great quote by Press sec Robert Gibbs regarding the reaction to the School children sppech BEFORE it took place by many angry parents.

"It's a sad state of affairs that many in this country politically would rather start an 'Animal House' food fight rather than inspire kids to stay in school, to work hard, to engage parents to stay involved and to ensure that the millions of teachers that are making great sacrifices continue to be the best in the world,"

Former first lady Laura Bush defended the President's idea when she told CNN:

"I think that there is a place for the President of the United States to talk to school children and encourage school children, and I think there are a lot of people that should do the same,

Enough said on the school kid speech nonsense.

As for High Noon on Health care, the Prez will speak to the country tonight in a televised speech to a joint session of  Congress that HAS to change the game. Has to. The question is not whether Obama will give a repeat performance of his Labor Day tough talk approach when he asked emphatically to his detractors "what are your ideas!" Rising costs of health care are the number one problem that needs to be solved so Obama has to get clear and detailed as to how he'll attack this. Now. The main question will be how he will frame the biggest issue regarding the Health care debate: The public option. With the option ,come shouts of "government take over" and "Socialism." Obama needs to hold firm on the option and explain why the option is needed and is not Socialism. Finally, Obama has to decide whether to announce publicly that either way, he will try and let a bill get rammed through. Holding firm on the Public option and getting a bill passed no matter what will cost some political capital. The return on the risk will be if and  when the whole country is insured and the rising cost of care goes down.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


In a book published back in 2000, perhaps televisions only non paritsan analyst David Gergen, who has worked for both Republican and Democratic presidents,  gives a first hand account of the personalities  and qualities of the President's that he's worked for from 1972 through the Clinton years. The anecdotes are fun and his opinions are well rounded as always, making you wonder what he thinks about Obama's work so far. check it out



Van Jones, reknown environmental advocate for the Obama team has resigned amidst controversy over an old comment he made that the Bush team knew about 9-11 before it happened. Did the vetting process again bite Obama in the ass or is vetting impossible these days with the advent of Social media? The answer is, it's too easy to screw up these days. Anything you say is hard copy now. E mail. Facebook. Twitter. Forget it. Impossible. Everyone on Earth, if vetted, would lack a clean slate. That said, claiming on you tube that Biush knew, as Jones did, albeit 8 years ago, should've been Jones' responsibility to share with Obama. The administration's handling of Jones situation now is correct. Let him fall on his own sword, the health care issue, still THE hot topic issue this month, is more important. 

As for Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, who brought the Jones story to light, nice work Glenn. While many including respected CNN analyst David Gergen have taken time out now to speak highly of Jones' achievements and resume,  it was the potential distraction over the claim that forced Jones into quitting. Maybe after Van cleans out his locker Glenn, you could do a story on yourself and YOUR claim that Obama doesn't like White people. People at Fox news  haven't felt enough of a ratings boost this comment could truly have. Stir it up, see where it takes you. You're on a roll Glenn, why not? Strike while the iron is hot.

Obama's Labor day response to the "complain" strategy of the GOP during his speech Monday was emphatic. It was a sight for sore eyes for those sore at Obama's "50,000 foot approach" of watching events replacing a down and dirty approach on the ground to fight for what he believes in. To the GOP complainists he said, "What are YOU gonna do, " whats YOUR answer whats YOUR solution?" Great start. Now get tougher with the Senate Barry, and get clear with the people as to what the plan really is. Take that risk and you'll get the reward. The first reward will be respect. The second reward will be that your cigarette after dinner will be so much more enjoyable.

Which brings us to the Obama schoolchildren speech. Stay in school. Work hard. Be resilient. No excuses, I come from a broken home too. What in those messages has anything to do with 2012, health care or brainwashing? The children who missed the speech out of their parents partisan nonsense, missed it out of fear that rivaled the overrreaction of those who jumped out of windows during the HG Wells "War of the Worlds " radio broadcast, a sci fi tale in which Martians were landing on Earth Oct 30 1938. People actually died jumping? The answer is yes. The moral of the story to many haters is that anger has less effect the more you use it. Oh and it's too late to show off your Paul Krugman-like economist skills don't ya think? I mean you've all had since 2000 a great opportunity to tell us what you know. Maybe those houses you all bought and couldn't afford got your tongue. Maybe the 900 Billion dollar bill you agreed with by saying yes to the War in Iraq, that "Mission Accomplished" war that's now going on 7 years did too.

 People, shut up and sit down unless you wanna back track to include the whole story. Meaning your roles in it. Seriously, any trigger like opposition by the GOP and it's followers to the school speech, and every issue that comes up, confuses and dilutes any concerns about Obama care and Obama's vision for the country that DO have merit. Crying Wolf has a shelf life ya know.

The Dying Soldier Photo: The AP went ahead against the wishes of many including the family of a dying soldier whose leg inuries became insurmountable only hours after a photo was taken of his Mortar Shell injuries. Robert Gates was appalled. So is Sarah Palin, who will always be there to stick up for military families (her son is in Iraq right now) . The AP feels that it is necessary to show all sides of War. Wow, this one's tough to comment on. Vietnam was a different war because people saw it the battlefield for the 1st time on TV. The notion of whether to broadcast coffins is always a delicate subject as well. War is hell. Let's leave it at that. Any depiction of it as glorious in movies and in photos or military recruitment commercials is obviously not taking the whole picture into account. The picture of a 21 year old kid bleeding to death one virtually one leg, just to presumably pay his way through college. Sad.

above: Van Jones


Monday, September 7, 2009


What a great documentary. Great footage of the fights, and the controversial turbulent 60's  culture. Clay, who became a  Muslim, a member of Nation of Islam and Malcom X, changed his name to Muhammad Ali in 1965. The loudmouth self promoting flamboyant icon, who refused to go to Vietnam was and still is, bigger than life. His contribution to society has trumped his triumphs in the ring. This was released in 1970. Find it. Check it out. You'll love it. 


Don't think you can just be a rapper, a basketball player or a reality tv star. Success means hard work and resiliency. I've come from a broekn home too. I know what it's like." I'm papraphrasing Obama's speech to kids that he'll give tomorrow. It's a far cry from the partisan pro health care vote for me in 2012 crap that GOP leaning parents were fearing. Gee that's shocking. read the text


Levi Johnson apparently  has alot to say about Sarah Palin in some upcoming article in Vanity Fair. He claims she watched soaps often on her couch, said she was overwhelmed in the role of Governor,  and hinted that Palin's marriage to Todd was perhaps on the rocks. The confusing part is while it's hard to trust anyone with a hockey haircut, the allegations he's allegedly made in the piece seem possible.

Barack Obama talks to the school kids Tuesday. Think he'll borrow and read them "My Pet Goat " the book that George W was reading school kids when an advisor whispered that the 1st tower was hit on 9-11?

Fake Afghan poll sites posted by those loyal to the incumbent Hamid Karzai gave the incumbent hundreds of fake votes in his favor. The fake sites , as many as 800, made up close to 15 percent of the polling sites on election day. Wow, now that's a model of functioning Democracy huh? Just like Tehran was two months back. Maybe we should send Hillary Clinton out to Afghanistan to provide some comfort and understanding. She could repeat her words in Nigeria earlier this month empathizing with Nigerian election corruption by stating  that  "our Democracy is still evolving" Her words in reference to the Bush Gore election of 2000 and the controversial results in  Florida that gave W the White house. Hey, a little empathy goes a long way.

What is it about September that gives a person mixed feelings? It's such a great time of year , especially in NYC. The problem is that Winter follows and then you get mad at yourself for wishing the Summer away so quickly. What bums me out the most is how many friends of mine plan Labor day barbeques and rooftop parties as if they are Lollapalooza. If these same people treated the rest of their hopes and dreams with the same care, the other 364 days of the year, maybe they wouldn't be looking for the same parties with the same people going nowhere this time next year.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


It's Labor Day. Leave the city and your stuck in traffic for days. We stayed, no not because we're broke and could only have a "Stay-Cation," but to celebrate the end of the Summer of Whining. We also stayed home just to ponder the following:


BOGOTA – Thousands of opponents of Hugo Chavez marched against the Venezuelan president across Latin America on Friday, accusing him of everything from authoritarianism to international meddling.

The protests, coordinated through Twitter and Facebook, drew more than 5,000 people in Bogota, and thousands more in the capitals of Venezuela and Honduras. Smaller demonstrations were held in other Latin American capitals, as well as New York and Madrid.The Honduras march was led by Roberto Micheletti, who became president when Chavez ally Manuel Zelaya was ousted in a June coup.

"Any politician who tries to stay in power by hitching up with a dictator like Hugo Chavez, he won't achieve it," Micheletti said. "We'll stop him."

Stop him? With thousands? We doubt it. There were more people outside of the Bowery Electric hoping to catch the secret Wolfmother show than on the streets of Bogota. You can't take down a ruthless dictator with a crowd that couldn't even sell out the Hammerstein Ballroom. 

Colorado once a Republican leaning state  turned Democrat thanks to the Obama ground campaign, is now wondering where Obama has gone. The Washington Post reports: 

"Today, the energy that powered Obama to victory has begun to dissipate. Some of his supporters remain on the sidelines; others are, if not disillusioned, questioning what has happened to his presidency."

We'll tell you what happened. The GOP found a strategy. Complaining and Disrupting. Whether that translates into winning elections then being effective in office is another story.

The AP reports:

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama's adviser Van Jones has resigned amid controversy over past inflammatory statements, the White House said early Sunday.Jones, an administration official specializing in environmentally friendly "green jobs" with the White House Council on Environmental Quality was linked to efforts suggesting a government role in the 2001 terror attacks and to derogatory comments about Republicans.

Jones also said White people shoot up suburban schools, not black people. Add Jones to Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright as the wrong guys for Obama to share the Doritos bowl with at football house parties. Do these types of links hurt a President's credibility? Sure, but only for a brief monent in time. These shmucks are all just temporary sideshows. For the record, it was controversial Fox news host Glenn Beck who helped lead the charge to ruin Jones as of late. Today the pressure that came with the connection to Jones and his volatile opinions became unecessary for the White House to endure any further. 

Somewhere George Bush Jr is laughing at Obama's struggles. W came to Washington with the same "reach across the aisle" intent in early 2001. Those hopes lasted 8 months, ending on Sept 11 when W was interrupted from reading his favorite picture book, "My Pet Goat" to schoolkids. Then the "with us or against us" approach became the nation's foundation. Bush Jr could've and probably DID tell Obama that Washington politics is like a sucker punch in the face.  while Obama was running on a campaign designed to show voters that he was the Anti -Bush. Honest, clear, transparent, intelligent, and able to get all sides to agree on matters. Ha ha. We're chuckling.

 Forget Jones though. The REAL story this Fall will begin if and when Obama changes his tone. With the media, the people, and DC politicians who are trying to bog him down and bring him down. Time to start throwing sucker punches of your own Barry. Or punches at suckers who deserve it.

above :W lets an opponent have it,  as a member of the Yale rugby team, circa 1968.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


The notion that President Obama is preparing to address schoolchidlren with a televised speech Tuesday to kick off the new school year has many GOP leaning parents up in arms. Charges of brainwashing and recruiting for 2012 by the righties with the kiddies,  have been splashed across various news stations. George Bush Sr had the same idea in 1991 in an address to kids to which then Democratic house majority leader Dick Gephardt responded by calling the address "paid political advertising."  Today the complaints are the same, but it's the sides that have changed.

More importantly, folks ought to focus on the message. What Obama SHOULD say. Here's a suggestion for Barry:

 "Now look, (Obama loves to use the word "look") I'm not here to recite the Canterbury Tales in Middle English like I do during night time addresses for your parents. I AM here to tell you that your parents who act like economists on par with Nouriel Roubini and Pual Krugman, in their forecasts of your impending doom if we pass health care, are the same ones who bought houses they couldn't afford and helped lead us into the shit storm we are in right now. Look, your parents are the same folks who go to Town Hall meetings and claim that MY administration is ruining the Constitution while THEY voted twice for the guy who tapped their phones  just to hear about where Mommy and Daddy's unlicensed gun collection was being stored. They voted twice for the guy  guy who said "Mission Accomplished" before the mission even started. Before the 900 Billion dollar bill ever accumulated in Iraq. Now look, I'm not coming down on the Bushies kids, I'm just making a point. If your parents were experts, they wouldn't have helped put us in this position by backing the guy who lead us here on his watch. Now get out your #2 pencils and take down this website address. It's www.barackobama2012.com. We accept piggy bank collections provided that you can get yourselves to your local Fed Ex shipping office before 5pm on schooldays. AFTER, of course you finish your homework."

Between the Tea Parties, the Town Hall meetings with the "Death Panel" charges and now the School Speech Affair, it's apparent that the only strategy for the GOP and it's followers is to kick and scream and cry like diapered babies over everything the President says or does. Hey it's understandable. After all, we're talking about a Socialist Hitler who wasn't born in the U.S, and takes his primary viewpoints in life from 60's radical Bill Ayers and the Prejudice Reverend Wright. 

At some point during the next three years however, regardless of Obama's obvious Nazi leanings, Republicans might want to figure out what it is that they actually stand FOR.  For now at least, it's clear that the "Summer of Whining" will roll out of August and into September. This because the GOP is living off of the hopes that Obama's 47 percent approval rating on the Health Care issue is only a window into the potential for a complete fall from his one time untouchable status,  if the strategy of "complaining" continues. With no true candidate to lead them out of the wilderness right now, and no solid party  platform to currently get behind , who could blame them?

Friday, September 4, 2009


Today on Shock and Awesome the fellas escaped Boston and the Ted Kennedy while wondering why Dick Cheney didn't show up for the funeral and if former Red Sawx pitcher Curt Schilling can seriously win his Senate seat? Obamacare. Yawn. Bored of that story.

Summer's out, school's in. Of course at least it's not 1789. What did Thomas Jefferson do without White out while writing the Constitution. That's alot of pressure. The duo's analysis on the matter is the first of it's kind.

Judith Airlick, Producer of the forthcoming documentary "The Most Dangerous Man In America," Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, joined the show today to give listeners a preview into the  new footage and Nixon phone tapes that will help reshape one of the biggest stories regarding war, secrecy, and the widening gap between people and government this country may have ever seen.  President Obama will soon have to decide whether or not to let investigation and prosecution on Bush era CIA torturers proceed. Who were the whistle blowers whose conscious made them tell the people the truth? Daniel Ellsberg (above)  was THAT guy in 1971. He felt Richard Nixon's wrath following the paper's release to the NY Times. The film opens Wed Sept 16 at the NY Film Forum. See Film info.


The Ted Kennedy story still lingers. Mike Huckabee said he wouldve died earlier under Obama care. Dick "don't call me Richard" Cheney didn't even show up for the funeral. What a Richard.  TJ has a story for Boston fans about former Red Sox star Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd as the duo wraps up their coverage of the  Kennedy compound for the Summer.

The boys will compare and contrast naughty boys Mark Sanford and Elliot Spitzer as part of their first assignment of the school year, while talking about the brush fires that may sweep Gally Vor Nee a and their Governor into the Ocean.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The average CEO pay of bailed out banks was 430 times larger than for typical workers who helped bail them out. how is that fair? It's not. Just something to chew on folks while you get ready to make your latest excuse as to why September's rent is late, just like August's was.

Here's a prediction.The only band to go platinum this year will be the Beatles, after Beatles rock band comes out next week. A hall of fame catalog of great songs mashed up with viral technology like video games. Wow. it's over. If Ashley Dupree , Elliot Spitzer's hooke,r can sell her song for a dollar on My Space and make a million bucks as she did when news of her relations with Spitzer first broke, imagine what the Beatles will do when news hits that album's once had complete sides of great material? Just the thought of the Twitter generation's reaction is scary. So is the notion that modern day rock stars, DJ's, are probably armed and ready to re mix songs like Yellow Submarine so that they blend right into Dance club sets alongside Lady Ga Ga and Kate Perry.

Barack Obama plans more hands on leadership with health care including writing elements next week after Summer recess ends. Great, because the President's imitation of Muhammad Ali's famous 1974 Rope A Dope (Ali lying on the ropes not fightnig back ,pretending to be just hanging on for dear life, as opponent George Foreman exhausted himself.) moves may not tire out an opposition that is gaining numbers if the polls are any indication. Obamacare is now at 47 percent approval rating. It's time to start biting ears Barry, like Mike Tyson did against Evander Holyfield in 1997, C'mon the bell is ringing Barry, it's round two now. Switch up the approach.

ABC's anchor Charles Gibson will be retiring after a 34 year stint there. The biggest news he may have uncovered in his entire career was that Sarah Palin could see Russia from her own backyard. Congrats on a long run, Charles. Diane Sawyer takes over as the "World News" anchor in January.

How bout this one: The Huffington Post writes: 

"Sam Donaldson and Liz Cheney spiritedly debated the decision by Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate whether or not torture occurred during CIA interrogations of terrorist suspects. Cheney took the position that this matter had already been investigated, with the conclusion being no illegal activity had taken place.Donaldson countered that the investigations had been undertaken by the Bush Justice Department, an agency that became notoriously political during Bush's administration, and that a fresh investigation is needed."

Liz, shush. Your Dad did some secretive shit. Did he not? Now it shouldn't be brought up in this current climate by AG Eric Holder. That's because it's truly not the time or the place to look back. At all. It does nobody good. The country, Obama. Nobody. I'll give you that. But don't tell us that the matter has already been investigated ok? We're not drooling morons. Well ,WE are, but not the rest of the country. Who are you gonna tell us investigated this already Liz, George W's ventriliquist puppet Alberto Gonzalez? 

With all of the negative attention he's been receiving, Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina said today "now I know how Sarah Palin feels." Mark, it's different. Sarah's family got hit out of bounds by the media during a tough Presidential campaign where amny sought to discredit her and the McCain Palin ticket politically. YOU were playing Twister butt naked, doused in baby oil with a "friend" in Argentina. Again, we don't condone the media digging into the personal lives of Politicians but we already told you what to do. Get on TV and cry hysterically. Apologize. Be vulnerable. PEOPLE DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR YOU MARK. South Carolina residents want you out. If you want empathy don't try and link to Palin's plight, who despite a person's feelings bout her politicially deserved empathy for the endless attacks regarding family matters. If you want empathy you gotta go Jimmy Swaggart style. Ball uncontrollably in Primetime. Forgive me Lord for I have sinned!! Plain and simple. Otherwise shut up and do your job and don't bring the matter up at all.

The recently freed North Korean journalists "tried with all of their might" to not be dragged onto North Korean soil where they could be considered as intruders and open to prison time. They were embarking on a documentary on the female trafficking of North Korean women as sex slaves to China.  They feel that  perhaps they were set up by their tour guide. Hey we get it don't worry.We often gt and set up and then try "with all of our might,' not to be dragged into dumb Lower East bars, where party escapades increase heavily in odds once you cross Southbound on Houston and Essex . The next time when we get caught in some idiots apartment when the sun ain't shining, WE should call Bill Clinton to rescue us. It's hard to escape those places sometimes. We'll be thankful for the help from the Ex Prez. Dreary shit hole party pads start to feel like Downtown gulags as the hours pass, and the ability to leave lessens by the minute.

Former Red Sox star pitcher Curt Schilling filling Ted Kennedy's Senate seat is the rumour of the day. Big shoes to fill we must say, even for the guy with the bloody sock. Hey but wait,Ted was a die hard Red Sox fan. As for any historical precedence, Jim Bunning, the long time Senator of Kentucky, did once throw a perfect game for the Phillies in 1964. In other words it's not inconceivable for a Major league pitcher to make it to the Congress, because it's been done. The real problem is, Schilling never threw a perfect game .OR even a no hitter. He came within one out a few years back but it got broken up by Shannon Stewart. Shannon Stewart? Exactly. You can't be one out away and let a guy with two first names ruin it. Proper credentials ought to be a big part of the conversation when filling the shoes of the Lion of the Senate. Just something to consider.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Having already lived through Michael Jackson’s death this summer I found it very difficult to expend anymore days watching Edward Kennedy’s burial play out on national television. He was a great legislator that served as a bookend of history, and he did deserve the gracious send off if for nothing else being the only Kennedy brother the country got to see grow old. Still, I could not bring myself to sit down and watch the two-day event for the simple fact that I thought privacy should have been extended to the Kennedy family after the point that Senator Kennedy’s body left his brother’s presidential library. Very personal speeches given from family members and close friends are not built for national television and broadcasting them often trivializes the true emotion, pain, and grief that the speakers are experiencing. Case and point is the speech Brooke Shields gave at the Staples Center for Michael Jackson. I cringe at the thought of pundits evaluating and critiquing these very personal accounts in real time. I can’t imagine what is going to happen when we lose a sports icon the size of Michael Jordan. ESPN will probably run a 48 hour live feed with Marv Albert and Mike Tirico giving color commentary while Hubie Brown and Jeff Van Gundy use their Wacom pens to draw X’s and O’s as well as pick and roll graphics on top of the procession.

In studying the shots of the packed church in Boston for Edward Kennedy I was more surprised with who skipped the event than with the caliber of those who attended. Notably absent from the gallery that included most of the powerful members of congress, most of the sitting cabinet, the CIA director, 3 former presidents and the current one, was Dick Cheney. To me, that proves just what a partisan hack Mr. Cheney is. George W. Bush came to pay his respects. John McCain, who arguably has the sourest taste of partisan politics in his mouth, was present. Dan Quayle made it out from whatever potato he lives under these days. President George H. W. Bush did not attend because of his health, but sent along a note with Mr. Quayle. Where was Mr. Cheney? Simple, he was on Fox claiming that Attorney General Eric Holder’s probe into the CIA’s Inspector General’s report is completely political.

I find it interesting that the man who was part of the administration that politicized the Justice Department more than any administration in our nations history is out throwing stones on the issue. Just maybe the justice department during the Bush administration over looked facts in the CIA torture cases because it was politicized in the opposite direction. Until we have a Justice Department and Inspector Generals who are independent from the White House we will never know truly where their allegiances lie. I do know one thing for sure however, and that is that the top brass structured the torture regimen outlined in the IG report and it is the latest in a series of examples where the federal government has taken the war on terror too far.
If in protecting the country from “terror” we destroy the very fabric it is made of, is the war worth it?

The Bush and Obama administrations have presented the country with a false choice between security and civil rights. There are technologies out there like those made by Alex Karp of Palantir Technologies that allow us to mine date, monitor terrorists, and protect civil liberties all at the same time. Oh, and Palantir can uncover patterns that terrorists don’t even know that they are leaving. Therefore we can continue to thwart their plans even after they change their habits after watching others fail, and the best part is that all intelligence gathered by Palantir happens on the front end so that in the future we will be able to prevent the types of 9-11 attacks on our country that Dick Cheney allowed.


Some GOP folks love the idea of Dick Cheney running for President in 2012, according to the Huffington post. Hey he definitely fits a Republican candidate's profile at least since Ronald Reagan in 1980. Cheney''s had less than six heart attacks AND he's under the age of 90. There's also former Reagan Secretary of State Alexander Haig who after Reagan was shot in March of 1981 told reporters "i am in control here. This of course while overlooking that the Constitution called for VP George Bush to temporarily take over as POTUS. Perhaps thats just ancient history and Haig is truly ready NOW. Alright, he may be a bit rusty as far as the Beltway goes, but look, at least he's only 85.

Elliot Spitzer, according to the NY Post may be eyeing a run at something in 2012. The state Senate seat occupied by appointed Senator Kirtsen Gillebrand could be that something. Spitzer has reinvented himself to some degree, by not only stepping down, but by offering analysis and opinions on news channels, even writing pieces for publications such as Slate Magazine. A sound economic reputation will also help the guy who cheated on his wife with a hot prostitute. Which is none of our business but hey this is not the JFK 60's, where trysts could be known by the media yet not written about in order to protect a public figure's reputation. Not anymore people! Decency is over. Class? Ha! Respect? Please!! We got cell phone camera pics, twitter feeds, facebook posts, and pictures galore at sites such as lastnightsparty.com. Privacy? Forget it. If you are doing something BAD, we'll know about before you're even finished doing it.

Which brings us to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford who has, as of late thwarted the attempts to pressure him into resigning for banging an Argentinian reporter behind his Wife's back. AP reports that half of SC wants him to resign according to a new poll. The similarity between Spitzer's mistake and Sanford's is that both cheated on their wives while in office. The difference is that Spitzer stepped down. Sanford on the other hand tries to fight through the mess while still in office.

Sanford might want to as CBS sports anchor legend Warner Wolf likes to say "go to the video tape" and look back at other embattled players who also chose to weather the storm by going public, in order to win over more support. The famous "Checkers" speech that Ike forced Nixon to give in 1952, freed Tricky Dick from the threat of being taken off the GOP ticket over alleged "improprieties relating to a fund established by his backers to reimburse him for his political expenses. (Wikipedia)" Nixon then won over sympathy by going over his salary and personal expense report on TV before saying that the only gift he received was his dog Checkers and by golly he was gonna keep it. Who could argue with the intentions of a dog lover like Nixon (his next dog famously hated him in the White House years later)?

In 1988 Jimmy Swaggart the Televangelist pioneer was known to have hooked up with a New Orleans prostitute (though she says they never had sex. Poor Swaggart. No sex. ever. Yea THAT'S normal) , went in front of his TV audience and broke down hysterically crying saying "I have sinned against you, my Lord, and I would ask that your precious blood would wash and cleanse every stain until it is in the seas of God's forgiveness." Swaggart got a 3 month suspension. Had he not been caught with another hooker in 1991 again, Swaggart would have regained his reputation to a large degree. OK OK not the perfect template but wait, what about Slick Willie Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman?" Clinton REDEFINED what sex was. Considering the charges of impeachment facing him at the time, one has to agree that this reinterpretation under such pressure, was one of his greatest achievments in eight years.

The point is, its 2009. Everything and anything is fair game. People love to watch the big dogs fall only to listen to them beg on their knees before propping them up again. Sanford just has to play into this a little bit. Now the same doesn't seem to go for to Spitzer at this point ( polls show him ahead of Gillebrand right now) but for the guy who was really only saved by the insane Micheal Jackson coverage, it may be time for a big Cryingpallooza on TV. Just for Sanford to insure himself that this Summer ends with a bang. No, not the kind of bang he found in Buenos Aires. Rather, the kind of bang that denotes keeping a job that may otherwise be in serious jeopardy as we head into the Fall.


The brush fires in California are out of control. 10,000 people ordered out their homes. Scary. We need water bombs dropped from Air Force planes. Forget Afghanistan for now and besides, that war needs a policy review anyway. How bout a quick break and a new idea. The domestic use of military arsenal.

There's a creepy You Tube video going around that shows Michael Jackson or someone that appears to be him walking out of the coroners ambulance alive! Is this a real life Eddie and the Cruisers story? Was it all staged? What would Larry King do when he hears of this? Oh no, good god, not more CNN exclusive's of King playing capture the flag with Marlon Brando's kid at Neverland ranch. Please. Let's hope this truly is a farce. Rumours spread like California wildfire these days. Whoever did it will have to explain.

What about the guy who kidnapped the 11 year old girl 18 years ago then had two kids with her? Kind of amazing given modern technology, that neighbors didn't realize those tents in the guys backyard weren't worth inquiring about. No cell phone pictures? No curiosity? Bone fragments have now been found there. Expect this wacko to be charged with unsolved murders soon too. Model citizen.

One quick sports note. The Yankees are treating pitcher young "prodigy" Joba Chamberlain like a pitcher on the Staten Island little league team. The Yankee pitcher's 150 inning season limit put on him by team officials is up soon. Last month the team decided to stretch him out in between starts to every 8-9 days. Now he's back to every fifth day but can only pitch three innings No wonder why the retired stars like hall of famer Jim Rice come down on modern day ball players who get paid more in one game than they did for the whole season. Big money makes teams hesitant to let players go all out for fear of an injury ruining a long term investment. Players are afraid to risk injury which in turn would risk giant contracts. Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio?

Mike Huckabee has taken a brief time out from playing bass guitar on the Mike Huckabee show to enlighten us with the fact that Ted Kennedy would have been urged to die earlier under Obamacare. Mike, look, everyone is allowed an opinion.
However, to make a point about Obama care by politicizing the late Senator's passing, is as bizarre as watching you play the Who's John Entwhistle in your makeshift cover band at the tail end of your show. You got good hands though Mike. Maybe you should start a band. Get a hottie on lead vocal. Record labels love that stuff. How bout Sarah Palin? Throw Joe the Plumber on drums and Ted Nugent on lead guitar. Call yourselves Sarah Barracuda and the Meateaters.
You have a platinum selling fan base already. Just a thought while we're on the topic of pulling thoughts out from the depths of our assholes.