Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The brush fires in California are out of control. 10,000 people ordered out their homes. Scary. We need water bombs dropped from Air Force planes. Forget Afghanistan for now and besides, that war needs a policy review anyway. How bout a quick break and a new idea. The domestic use of military arsenal.

There's a creepy You Tube video going around that shows Michael Jackson or someone that appears to be him walking out of the coroners ambulance alive! Is this a real life Eddie and the Cruisers story? Was it all staged? What would Larry King do when he hears of this? Oh no, good god, not more CNN exclusive's of King playing capture the flag with Marlon Brando's kid at Neverland ranch. Please. Let's hope this truly is a farce. Rumours spread like California wildfire these days. Whoever did it will have to explain.

What about the guy who kidnapped the 11 year old girl 18 years ago then had two kids with her? Kind of amazing given modern technology, that neighbors didn't realize those tents in the guys backyard weren't worth inquiring about. No cell phone pictures? No curiosity? Bone fragments have now been found there. Expect this wacko to be charged with unsolved murders soon too. Model citizen.

One quick sports note. The Yankees are treating pitcher young "prodigy" Joba Chamberlain like a pitcher on the Staten Island little league team. The Yankee pitcher's 150 inning season limit put on him by team officials is up soon. Last month the team decided to stretch him out in between starts to every 8-9 days. Now he's back to every fifth day but can only pitch three innings No wonder why the retired stars like hall of famer Jim Rice come down on modern day ball players who get paid more in one game than they did for the whole season. Big money makes teams hesitant to let players go all out for fear of an injury ruining a long term investment. Players are afraid to risk injury which in turn would risk giant contracts. Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio?

Mike Huckabee has taken a brief time out from playing bass guitar on the Mike Huckabee show to enlighten us with the fact that Ted Kennedy would have been urged to die earlier under Obamacare. Mike, look, everyone is allowed an opinion.
However, to make a point about Obama care by politicizing the late Senator's passing, is as bizarre as watching you play the Who's John Entwhistle in your makeshift cover band at the tail end of your show. You got good hands though Mike. Maybe you should start a band. Get a hottie on lead vocal. Record labels love that stuff. How bout Sarah Palin? Throw Joe the Plumber on drums and Ted Nugent on lead guitar. Call yourselves Sarah Barracuda and the Meateaters.
You have a platinum selling fan base already. Just a thought while we're on the topic of pulling thoughts out from the depths of our assholes.

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