Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The average CEO pay of bailed out banks was 430 times larger than for typical workers who helped bail them out. how is that fair? It's not. Just something to chew on folks while you get ready to make your latest excuse as to why September's rent is late, just like August's was.

Here's a prediction.The only band to go platinum this year will be the Beatles, after Beatles rock band comes out next week. A hall of fame catalog of great songs mashed up with viral technology like video games. Wow. it's over. If Ashley Dupree , Elliot Spitzer's hooke,r can sell her song for a dollar on My Space and make a million bucks as she did when news of her relations with Spitzer first broke, imagine what the Beatles will do when news hits that album's once had complete sides of great material? Just the thought of the Twitter generation's reaction is scary. So is the notion that modern day rock stars, DJ's, are probably armed and ready to re mix songs like Yellow Submarine so that they blend right into Dance club sets alongside Lady Ga Ga and Kate Perry.

Barack Obama plans more hands on leadership with health care including writing elements next week after Summer recess ends. Great, because the President's imitation of Muhammad Ali's famous 1974 Rope A Dope (Ali lying on the ropes not fightnig back ,pretending to be just hanging on for dear life, as opponent George Foreman exhausted himself.) moves may not tire out an opposition that is gaining numbers if the polls are any indication. Obamacare is now at 47 percent approval rating. It's time to start biting ears Barry, like Mike Tyson did against Evander Holyfield in 1997, C'mon the bell is ringing Barry, it's round two now. Switch up the approach.

ABC's anchor Charles Gibson will be retiring after a 34 year stint there. The biggest news he may have uncovered in his entire career was that Sarah Palin could see Russia from her own backyard. Congrats on a long run, Charles. Diane Sawyer takes over as the "World News" anchor in January.

How bout this one: The Huffington Post writes: 

"Sam Donaldson and Liz Cheney spiritedly debated the decision by Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate whether or not torture occurred during CIA interrogations of terrorist suspects. Cheney took the position that this matter had already been investigated, with the conclusion being no illegal activity had taken place.Donaldson countered that the investigations had been undertaken by the Bush Justice Department, an agency that became notoriously political during Bush's administration, and that a fresh investigation is needed."

Liz, shush. Your Dad did some secretive shit. Did he not? Now it shouldn't be brought up in this current climate by AG Eric Holder. That's because it's truly not the time or the place to look back. At all. It does nobody good. The country, Obama. Nobody. I'll give you that. But don't tell us that the matter has already been investigated ok? We're not drooling morons. Well ,WE are, but not the rest of the country. Who are you gonna tell us investigated this already Liz, George W's ventriliquist puppet Alberto Gonzalez? 

With all of the negative attention he's been receiving, Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina said today "now I know how Sarah Palin feels." Mark, it's different. Sarah's family got hit out of bounds by the media during a tough Presidential campaign where amny sought to discredit her and the McCain Palin ticket politically. YOU were playing Twister butt naked, doused in baby oil with a "friend" in Argentina. Again, we don't condone the media digging into the personal lives of Politicians but we already told you what to do. Get on TV and cry hysterically. Apologize. Be vulnerable. PEOPLE DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR YOU MARK. South Carolina residents want you out. If you want empathy don't try and link to Palin's plight, who despite a person's feelings bout her politicially deserved empathy for the endless attacks regarding family matters. If you want empathy you gotta go Jimmy Swaggart style. Ball uncontrollably in Primetime. Forgive me Lord for I have sinned!! Plain and simple. Otherwise shut up and do your job and don't bring the matter up at all.

The recently freed North Korean journalists "tried with all of their might" to not be dragged onto North Korean soil where they could be considered as intruders and open to prison time. They were embarking on a documentary on the female trafficking of North Korean women as sex slaves to China.  They feel that  perhaps they were set up by their tour guide. Hey we get it don't worry.We often gt and set up and then try "with all of our might,' not to be dragged into dumb Lower East bars, where party escapades increase heavily in odds once you cross Southbound on Houston and Essex . The next time when we get caught in some idiots apartment when the sun ain't shining, WE should call Bill Clinton to rescue us. It's hard to escape those places sometimes. We'll be thankful for the help from the Ex Prez. Dreary shit hole party pads start to feel like Downtown gulags as the hours pass, and the ability to leave lessens by the minute.

Former Red Sox star pitcher Curt Schilling filling Ted Kennedy's Senate seat is the rumour of the day. Big shoes to fill we must say, even for the guy with the bloody sock. Hey but wait,Ted was a die hard Red Sox fan. As for any historical precedence, Jim Bunning, the long time Senator of Kentucky, did once throw a perfect game for the Phillies in 1964. In other words it's not inconceivable for a Major league pitcher to make it to the Congress, because it's been done. The real problem is, Schilling never threw a perfect game .OR even a no hitter. He came within one out a few years back but it got broken up by Shannon Stewart. Shannon Stewart? Exactly. You can't be one out away and let a guy with two first names ruin it. Proper credentials ought to be a big part of the conversation when filling the shoes of the Lion of the Senate. Just something to consider.

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