Wednesday, September 9, 2009


"I still believe we can act even when it's hard. I still believe." Those were the closing statements
from a President who has regained the confident footing required to present clear public  messages. My favorite moment was his comment aimed towards the "No" strategy folks in the media and in Washington. "If you make up lies we will call you out." 

What were the details? Well..there weren't too many. Broad brush strokes were instead the approach.The major controversy, the public option, was worded as only an element that keeps insurers honest while providing the uninsured with an option for care. Not a plan to run companies out of business. The notion of malpractice reform, a major Republican point of contention, was highlighted by Obama, as was John McCain's campaign desire for catastrophe coverage that won't leave people broke should a disaster occur. 

Obama channeled Ted Kennedy whose major battle was Health care by saying his dream was not a partisan attempt at big government but a heartfelt desire to give everyone a chance. THAT was an essential American quality, not a Democratic or Republican one. This in the attempt to unite the room. The room did not leave united but it's hard to deny that Obama's swagger is back. Questions were still left unanswered and much still has to be done. If the tone was set to allow both sides to work together, something will get done by Christmas. If not, the buck will be passed, an opportunity will be lost, and the ones who will lose the most will be the people. 

CNN analyst David Gergen remarked that had Obama given this speech three months ago while he still held that magical glow, he could've swept the country. We'll soon find out if this speech wasn't too little too late.

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