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Van Jones, reknown environmental advocate for the Obama team has resigned amidst controversy over an old comment he made that the Bush team knew about 9-11 before it happened. Did the vetting process again bite Obama in the ass or is vetting impossible these days with the advent of Social media? The answer is, it's too easy to screw up these days. Anything you say is hard copy now. E mail. Facebook. Twitter. Forget it. Impossible. Everyone on Earth, if vetted, would lack a clean slate. That said, claiming on you tube that Biush knew, as Jones did, albeit 8 years ago, should've been Jones' responsibility to share with Obama. The administration's handling of Jones situation now is correct. Let him fall on his own sword, the health care issue, still THE hot topic issue this month, is more important. 

As for Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, who brought the Jones story to light, nice work Glenn. While many including respected CNN analyst David Gergen have taken time out now to speak highly of Jones' achievements and resume,  it was the potential distraction over the claim that forced Jones into quitting. Maybe after Van cleans out his locker Glenn, you could do a story on yourself and YOUR claim that Obama doesn't like White people. People at Fox news  haven't felt enough of a ratings boost this comment could truly have. Stir it up, see where it takes you. You're on a roll Glenn, why not? Strike while the iron is hot.

Obama's Labor day response to the "complain" strategy of the GOP during his speech Monday was emphatic. It was a sight for sore eyes for those sore at Obama's "50,000 foot approach" of watching events replacing a down and dirty approach on the ground to fight for what he believes in. To the GOP complainists he said, "What are YOU gonna do, " whats YOUR answer whats YOUR solution?" Great start. Now get tougher with the Senate Barry, and get clear with the people as to what the plan really is. Take that risk and you'll get the reward. The first reward will be respect. The second reward will be that your cigarette after dinner will be so much more enjoyable.

Which brings us to the Obama schoolchildren speech. Stay in school. Work hard. Be resilient. No excuses, I come from a broken home too. What in those messages has anything to do with 2012, health care or brainwashing? The children who missed the speech out of their parents partisan nonsense, missed it out of fear that rivaled the overrreaction of those who jumped out of windows during the HG Wells "War of the Worlds " radio broadcast, a sci fi tale in which Martians were landing on Earth Oct 30 1938. People actually died jumping? The answer is yes. The moral of the story to many haters is that anger has less effect the more you use it. Oh and it's too late to show off your Paul Krugman-like economist skills don't ya think? I mean you've all had since 2000 a great opportunity to tell us what you know. Maybe those houses you all bought and couldn't afford got your tongue. Maybe the 900 Billion dollar bill you agreed with by saying yes to the War in Iraq, that "Mission Accomplished" war that's now going on 7 years did too.

 People, shut up and sit down unless you wanna back track to include the whole story. Meaning your roles in it. Seriously, any trigger like opposition by the GOP and it's followers to the school speech, and every issue that comes up, confuses and dilutes any concerns about Obama care and Obama's vision for the country that DO have merit. Crying Wolf has a shelf life ya know.

The Dying Soldier Photo: The AP went ahead against the wishes of many including the family of a dying soldier whose leg inuries became insurmountable only hours after a photo was taken of his Mortar Shell injuries. Robert Gates was appalled. So is Sarah Palin, who will always be there to stick up for military families (her son is in Iraq right now) . The AP feels that it is necessary to show all sides of War. Wow, this one's tough to comment on. Vietnam was a different war because people saw it the battlefield for the 1st time on TV. The notion of whether to broadcast coffins is always a delicate subject as well. War is hell. Let's leave it at that. Any depiction of it as glorious in movies and in photos or military recruitment commercials is obviously not taking the whole picture into account. The picture of a 21 year old kid bleeding to death one virtually one leg, just to presumably pay his way through college. Sad.

above: Van Jones


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