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Jeremy Glick, the epitomy of an American Hero

" It was a tragic fate, but when I heard he was on Flight 93, my first thought, aside from the shock , was that he was absolutely the perfect person to be in that situation for the country." said Jon Dirienzo a close college friend to Jeremy Glick at the university of Rochester. Glick died a hero as a leader of passengers aboard the tragic Flight 93. 

Flight 93 took off from Newark airport  that fateful September 11th morning, and was taken over by hijackers 40 minutes into the flight and diverted towards Washington DC. Passengers and crew members made calls about the flight and learned about the attack on the Twin Towers. Passengers then, led by Glick, decided to mount their own attack.

"We're going to rush the terrorists," was apparently the last words Glick ushered to his wife by phone before derailing the plans of what was supposed to be another plane headed for symbolic destruction. Of the four flights that day, only flight 93 was the only one that failed to reach it's destination (the other three hitting both towers and the Pentagon).

"Jeremy was complex. There was a stunning sensitive side to him. He could be a big strong scary guy and a gentle giant. He also had an aura about him. People took notice when he was around; a shining star with a bigger purpose. Jeremy was a National Judo champ, extremely adept at using his hands. My image of Jeremy in that situation, his complexities, his fear because of his months old daughter, his aggressive side putting his whole skill set to use..without Jeremy things would not have turned that way for the country."

The terrorist's intended destination for Flight 93 has never been factually established but many felt that it had to be on it's way towards the White House, given that New York city landmark Twin Towers had been hit. Wild conspiracy theories always add to the intrigue of tragedies. A popular one regarding Flight 93  is that the flight was shot down by the Bush administration.

"I'm sure he knew he was gonna die and they (passengers on Flight 93) quickly knew what their purpose was. I bet that in his eyes his number one goal was to break their necks...get his hands around someone."

As we reflect on 9-11 on the eight anniversary of perhaps the darkest day in American history, it's too east to politicize the story through some partisan lense for political gain. As someone who woke up the sounds of the first plane hitting the North tower at 8:45 am, this 9-11 has been about reflecting upon the unfortunate victims of a political game bigger than them, as well as those like Gloick,who gave of themselves for others.

"To be thrown into that position, to know that there is a bigger picture, to step up and rise to that moment, is the pinnacle of heroism. Jeremy was destined for that moment."

above: Jeremy Glick center, with college friends . 

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