Monday, September 7, 2009


Levi Johnson apparently  has alot to say about Sarah Palin in some upcoming article in Vanity Fair. He claims she watched soaps often on her couch, said she was overwhelmed in the role of Governor,  and hinted that Palin's marriage to Todd was perhaps on the rocks. The confusing part is while it's hard to trust anyone with a hockey haircut, the allegations he's allegedly made in the piece seem possible.

Barack Obama talks to the school kids Tuesday. Think he'll borrow and read them "My Pet Goat " the book that George W was reading school kids when an advisor whispered that the 1st tower was hit on 9-11?

Fake Afghan poll sites posted by those loyal to the incumbent Hamid Karzai gave the incumbent hundreds of fake votes in his favor. The fake sites , as many as 800, made up close to 15 percent of the polling sites on election day. Wow, now that's a model of functioning Democracy huh? Just like Tehran was two months back. Maybe we should send Hillary Clinton out to Afghanistan to provide some comfort and understanding. She could repeat her words in Nigeria earlier this month empathizing with Nigerian election corruption by stating  that  "our Democracy is still evolving" Her words in reference to the Bush Gore election of 2000 and the controversial results in  Florida that gave W the White house. Hey, a little empathy goes a long way.

What is it about September that gives a person mixed feelings? It's such a great time of year , especially in NYC. The problem is that Winter follows and then you get mad at yourself for wishing the Summer away so quickly. What bums me out the most is how many friends of mine plan Labor day barbeques and rooftop parties as if they are Lollapalooza. If these same people treated the rest of their hopes and dreams with the same care, the other 364 days of the year, maybe they wouldn't be looking for the same parties with the same people going nowhere this time next year.

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