Friday, September 11, 2009


On Shock and Awesome today, Yetta Kurland, running for NY City Council in the "Hellsea district" gave her thoughts on term limits, Prop 8 and a host of other issues that form the basis of a platform that will be put to test against incumbent Christy Quinn on voting day Sept 15.

The duo took a look back at the tragedies of 9-11 with personal accounts as well as a running account from 1010 WINS that TJ taped as he walked to the street before witnessesing the second plane hit the Towers.

In addition to the 9-11 tape, TJ and the TUX (above) celebrated the release of the Beatles remasters in conjunction with the release of Beatles Rock Band ,by playing selections of old Mono recordings. Obama found the swagger that swept a nation last year but will his speech on Health care change the outcome? Republican house member Joe Wilson's now famous "You Lie!" was a window into the anger that breathes under the surface of the leaderless GOP. It was also a dramatic highlight that symbolized the contentious culture that exists in Washington as we exit the Summer and move head on into the Fall. Ex Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele strolled by to talk 9-11 and his thoughts on Obama.

It's fashion week people get your suits pressed and your dresses ready. It's time to walk the cat walk with confidence, attitude, and of course, with class and style. Wanna get into the private parties. Do what Shock and Awesome does. Dress over the top, stroll up the velvet rope and fake it . Look like you've been there before.

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