Saturday, September 5, 2009


The notion that President Obama is preparing to address schoolchidlren with a televised speech Tuesday to kick off the new school year has many GOP leaning parents up in arms. Charges of brainwashing and recruiting for 2012 by the righties with the kiddies,  have been splashed across various news stations. George Bush Sr had the same idea in 1991 in an address to kids to which then Democratic house majority leader Dick Gephardt responded by calling the address "paid political advertising."  Today the complaints are the same, but it's the sides that have changed.

More importantly, folks ought to focus on the message. What Obama SHOULD say. Here's a suggestion for Barry:

 "Now look, (Obama loves to use the word "look") I'm not here to recite the Canterbury Tales in Middle English like I do during night time addresses for your parents. I AM here to tell you that your parents who act like economists on par with Nouriel Roubini and Pual Krugman, in their forecasts of your impending doom if we pass health care, are the same ones who bought houses they couldn't afford and helped lead us into the shit storm we are in right now. Look, your parents are the same folks who go to Town Hall meetings and claim that MY administration is ruining the Constitution while THEY voted twice for the guy who tapped their phones  just to hear about where Mommy and Daddy's unlicensed gun collection was being stored. They voted twice for the guy  guy who said "Mission Accomplished" before the mission even started. Before the 900 Billion dollar bill ever accumulated in Iraq. Now look, I'm not coming down on the Bushies kids, I'm just making a point. If your parents were experts, they wouldn't have helped put us in this position by backing the guy who lead us here on his watch. Now get out your #2 pencils and take down this website address. It's We accept piggy bank collections provided that you can get yourselves to your local Fed Ex shipping office before 5pm on schooldays. AFTER, of course you finish your homework."

Between the Tea Parties, the Town Hall meetings with the "Death Panel" charges and now the School Speech Affair, it's apparent that the only strategy for the GOP and it's followers is to kick and scream and cry like diapered babies over everything the President says or does. Hey it's understandable. After all, we're talking about a Socialist Hitler who wasn't born in the U.S, and takes his primary viewpoints in life from 60's radical Bill Ayers and the Prejudice Reverend Wright. 

At some point during the next three years however, regardless of Obama's obvious Nazi leanings, Republicans might want to figure out what it is that they actually stand FOR.  For now at least, it's clear that the "Summer of Whining" will roll out of August and into September. This because the GOP is living off of the hopes that Obama's 47 percent approval rating on the Health Care issue is only a window into the potential for a complete fall from his one time untouchable status,  if the strategy of "complaining" continues. With no true candidate to lead them out of the wilderness right now, and no solid party  platform to currently get behind , who could blame them?

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