Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It's countdown to the showdown. Will Obama get tough in his tone, keep the public option on the table, and tell the naysayers to shut up and sit down? Tonight's national address before a joint Congress could be as dramatic a political theater as there can be, without talk of some impending war, or domestic catastrophe such as a Hurricane Katrina.

Health care? This is bigger than health care. This is a microcosm. A window into the mind of a politician who up until a few months ago, could do no wrong. Now, after a Summer of Beer diplomacy between the Cop and Professor Gates,  a National Health care message that has been stripped away by and stolen by the stiff arming strategy of the leaderless GOP, the time is ripe for a stand. The President needs to regain that swagger. That believability. That confidence that inspired a nation after the 2008 Democratic convention speech between the Roman Pillars in Denver.

Alot has been made of the importance of this night. That's fair. It's not hype. The pressure for Obama is real. His bipartisan approach has been met with nasty mobs at Town Hall meetings, Tea parties, and right wing Pundits like Glenn Beck who have called Obama "racist." 

How will the president will rise above the fray? Will he use the pulpit to get everyone united, and on the same page? Will he be firm and let the country know that bills will pass regardless of the displeasure from naysayers in both parties? Maybe he'll somehow allow himself the wiggle room to achieve both. Either way, tonight's the night for the President to Shit or Get off the Pot. Issues that will arise from here on out during his Presidency will be harder not easier to corral, unless he shows the ability to lead. In this case lead a Health care bill to the finish line.

Above: A nutjob drops a deuce on the front porch.

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