Friday, September 4, 2009


Today on Shock and Awesome the fellas escaped Boston and the Ted Kennedy while wondering why Dick Cheney didn't show up for the funeral and if former Red Sawx pitcher Curt Schilling can seriously win his Senate seat? Obamacare. Yawn. Bored of that story.

Summer's out, school's in. Of course at least it's not 1789. What did Thomas Jefferson do without White out while writing the Constitution. That's alot of pressure. The duo's analysis on the matter is the first of it's kind.

Judith Airlick, Producer of the forthcoming documentary "The Most Dangerous Man In America," Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, joined the show today to give listeners a preview into the  new footage and Nixon phone tapes that will help reshape one of the biggest stories regarding war, secrecy, and the widening gap between people and government this country may have ever seen.  President Obama will soon have to decide whether or not to let investigation and prosecution on Bush era CIA torturers proceed. Who were the whistle blowers whose conscious made them tell the people the truth? Daniel Ellsberg (above)  was THAT guy in 1971. He felt Richard Nixon's wrath following the paper's release to the NY Times. The film opens Wed Sept 16 at the NY Film Forum. See Film info.

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